As part of our artistic residencies and practice, we offer a range of workshops which illustrate how the marriage of music, film and dance can invite interesting ‘translations’.  See below for workshop descriptions:

‘Musical Passport’ – Youth-focused workshop on sound recording. Participants record and digitally transform material using state-of-the-art audio technology.  


Audiences: Youth groups (14+), no need for prior arts experience



'Workshop-in-Roam' - The Collective will engage with participants to creatively explore experiences of ‘home’ or ‘roam’ through movement and music. Community members will also have the opportunity to contribute to an evolving installation-performance based around notions of belonging across the UK.


Audiences: Adults (16+), no need for prior arts experience.

‘Orphans’ – In this movement and music workshop, participants will explore reactions to film through creative activities.  We will play with a variety of arts-based responses using our auditory and kinaesthetic senses, expanding the way we can experience film.


Audiences: Adults (16+), no need for prior arts experience.




‘Growing Fulfilment through the Arts’ – Participants will engage in dynamic, creative activities involving movement and music.  We explore the topic of igniting passion, motivation and fulfilment.


Audiences: Adults (16+), no need for prior arts experience.

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