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Out on a Limb!

Out on a Limb!

Here are some of the people who have supported us, some videos we created as part of our campaign, and how you can also get involved!
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This year, we dreamt about presenting a project that touched upon transcending barriers to positive mental health. IN-FILLED-HER is a promenade performance, where we lead audiences through an exciting route, immersing the arts beyond the stage by transforming unconventional spaces.


Following a successful Crowdfunding Campaign ("Out on a Limb!"), we were able to make our dream of presenting engaging work a reality.


Thanks to our kind supporters, IN-FILLED-HER will be performed at Dumfries & Galloway College as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMHAFF). We created videos for all our In-Full-Swing supporters, and can also do one for you, featured below!






Out on a Limb! Videos



This is the piece we will perform at SMHAFF

in Dumfries & Galloway


First Video: @ the Beach!


Dedicated to: Erin Humbaugh & Family


Performed by: Thania Acarón

Music: Ross Whyte


Third Video: Juan Vuela!


Dedicated to: Ellen Ríos de Acarón & Family



Performed by: Juan Leiba

Music: Ross Whyte


Fifth Video: Bridge

Dedicated to: Sandra Ríos, Tijs Zwinkels & Victoria


Performed by: Mhairi Allan

Music: Ross Whyte


Preview Video:

"Like No One's Watching"


Performed by: Thania Acarón

Music: Deptford Goth


Second Video: Good Morning!


Dedicated to: Luisa Gandolfo



Performed by: Jamie Boylan

Music: Ross Whyte


Fourth Video: Sleepwalkers


Dedicated to: Lesley Whyte,  Bibliographic Data Services Dumfries


Original Music Performed By:

Ross Whyte


Sixth Video: Frequent Flyer

(Anonymous Donation)


Performed by: Thania Acarón

Music: Ross Whyte


Seventh Video: Stomp!

Dedicated to Pete Stollery


Original Music Performed By:

Ross Whyte


Music clips for this campaign include excerpts from Ross Whyte's new album Kaidan! 


Our Supporters
Thank You!


In Full Swing

Erin Humbaugh & Family

Ellen Ríos de Acarón & Family

Sandra Ríos, Tijs Zwinkels & Victoria

Luisa Gandolfo

Lesley Whyte (Bibliographic Data Services)

Joanne Buckley Diribe

David Katz & Matthew Holzknecht

Daniel Katz

Pete Stollery

Maria Breza



Best Foot Forward

Erika Lesse

Karen Elorduy

Suk-Jun Kim (Red Door Sound)

Emily Peppers

Sanna Kempe

Debbie Watson



Lending Hand

Carolina Parreira

Jennifer Phillips

Federica Esposito

Michael Morgan Bain

Colin Taylor

Ailsa Watson

Don Whyte

Wendy Findlayson

Matt Baker






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