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Orphaned Limbs Collective is a UK-based interdisciplinary artist group founded by Puerto Rican choreographer Thania Acarón and Scottish composer Ross Whyte. We collaborate with international and local artists to morph dance, physical theatre, live music, and spoken word. We feature engaging, site-responsive projects with a strong voice about the human condition.

Our projects have an important community component, where we work hand in hand to collaborate with organisations, community groups and local charities. All of the members of the Collective have significant experience in education and community arts. We provide workshops and work with local communities to engage them in topics around wellbeing, creativity and embodiment.


The name Orphaned Limbs is derived from Ross Whyte's PhD thesis on Orphaned film (footage with no known author or date), Thania Acarón's focus on movement and the Collective's first project based on the Aokigahara forest.

Since 2012, we have presented our work in Athens, Barcelona, New York, Scotland and Wales, with on-going local and international partnerships.

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