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Holding the attention of all, including a new born for the full running length, this company- defining mix of the profound and the playful is a source of immediate pleasure.


[...] Rich with personal and political relevance, the content of when in roam strikes to the core of issues with which we as a group are wrestling, whether personally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally."

Ed Walton

Doctoral Researcher University of Aberdeen, CityMoves Trustee (Email us for full review) 

Lee Lappin

Creative Director, The Space

Dundee & Angus College

"The mix of humour and seriousness was very well matched to take the audience on a journey of their own - yet with a familiar companion. Really interesting transitions, great thematic development and lots of sweet moments of humour. It really was a treat for us all. "

Ben Harrison

Director, Grid Iron Theatre

The most amazing performance from Orphaned Limbs Collective. Beautiful dance, theatre, aerial and music. Emotional, timely, relevant. The best show I've seen from an emerging company in a very long time. They are going to be huge. Funders/ critics take note.

Dr. Luisa Gandolfo

Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

It was the most poignant and powerful piece I have ever seen.


I wish it could reach a much wider audience - the messages were so nuanced and urgent. Stunning. 

Giulia Montalbano

Director, Fuora Dance Company

Wonderful work and I really hope to see this company growing and touring around.


More of this please!!! Our homes need this show!!

Photo: Vincent Hatham

Audience Reviews & Responses

After each performance, we collected sheets asking about home from the audience.

Read some of the amazing responses here:

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