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IIN-FILLED-HER is a multidisciplinary exploration on entanglement, on how people seep through and entangle us; it presents a visceral journey into rebuilding ourselves and our relationships with others.
This work encompasses film and live performance, and the parallel of infiltration and penetration as presented in nature. The film includes footage of outdoor locations in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and we aim to continue adding footage from each Scottish location we perform in. The piece features dancers of different ages and ethnicities, moving in places in nature where there are instances of growth, protrusion and intrusion through a space.

Previous Performances


9 October 2015, Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival, Dumfries & Galloway College (Full Production)


5 November 2014, American Dance Therapy Association Conference Opening Event, New York (Excerpt)


12 November 2014, Slanted Showcase, Dance Base, Edinburgh (Excerpt)


22 February 2013, Adam House Theatre, Edinburgh (Full Production)


21 February 2013, Locharbriggs, Dumfries (Informal Showing)


31st October 2012, East Coast Moves, Dance Live Festival, Aberdeen (Excerpt)


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